About SS Base Contractors Sdn. Bhd.

SS Base Contractors Sdn. Bhd.was incorporated on the 21st September 2000, under the Registrar of Companies, Companies Act 1965. Formed, as a partnership to undertake and perform construction and project management activities. The organization consists of experienced individual at their respective field, such as civil and structural work, steel work, foundation work, infrastructure works and project management. In line with our corporate vision to participate in major projects, SS Base Contractors Sdn. Bhd. registered with CIDB under Grade G7.

SS Base Contractors Sdn. Bhd. has sound financial standing with good financial support from local financial institution to undertake and complete any sizeable projects. It has been the vision and mission of SS Base Contractors Sdn. Bhd., to produce or construct whichever project undertaken up to quality and duration required. The standard intended to meet, as good and better than any public listed companies or international organization. Good team work and collaboration with other organization, whether similar trade or other trades, has made it possible for us to undertake and complete successfully, significantly sizeable project.

SS Base Contractors Sdn. Bhd. is determined to become one of the successful construction companies with excellent performance and our vision is to be among the leaders in Malaysian construction industry.

Quality Policy

The management of SS BASE CONTRACTORS SDN BHD is committed to the pursuit of Quality in accordance with the requirement of ISO 9001:2015, for each and every project undertaken by the company

SS Base Contractors Sdn Bhd's concept of quality involves hgh standards of workmanship, safety, conformance to contract specifications, quality management and planning and continuous development of workforce.

SS Base Contractors Sdn Bhd focus its direction towards achieving customer satisfaction from all its project by continuously improving its process by setting up Specific, Measurabe, Achivable Realistic and Time bound (SMART) objectives for all departments to ensure cost effective, innovative and quality products and systems to ensure timely eompletion of projects within the cost, with quality and safety.

Quality Policy